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Devon Doggies specialises in dog walking, day boarding and holiday boarding. Browse our site to find out more.

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Meet the team

Find out more about the people behind Devon Doggies and the services we offer.

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Find out what our clients have to say about Devon Doggies on our Testimonials page.

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Our Services

Dog Walking

We offer group walks throughout the day or if required an individual walk (usually for the nervous or unstable dog).

Day Boarding

Day boarding for your dog in our home environment. No restrictions or shutting away in garages or outbuildings.

Holiday Boarding

The perfect experience and environment for owners who want more for their special pet than using kennels.

Special Needs

We specialise in the provision of extra care for the old and infirm dog or nervous dog that requires more reassurance and attention.

Dog Training Tips

Check back often to see our latest training tips. We’re happy to provide advice on care of dogs, be it walking, feeding, bathing and many more topics. Training is an important part of owning a dog, and we’ll be glad to help with our advice which can be found here – all sourced from years of experience. Click the Read More button to find our latest training tips.

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