Dog Training Tips

We’ll be updating this page from time to time with our training advice.

  • Many people experience bad or unacceptable behaviour on a walk as they start the walk incorrectly. Which can be seen as early as getting the dogs lead. Unwittingly most people will see this as an opportunity to encourage their dog to raise its excitement level by looking at the dog in an excited manner themselves and using language which again will only serve to excite the dog further. This type of start only serves to make the dog jump around and pull or bite on the lead whilst out.
  • The way to get an enjoyable walk for both you and your dog is if it is in a calm state of mind. When this state of mind exists is the only time it is possible to indulge in training your dog to desired levels of behaviour.
  • When leaving your home or returning to your home always stop at the entrance and ensure that your dog is calm before proceeding and that you leave or enter first and that your dog follows after. This will create a boundary that the dog will understand and ensure that you start and finish your walk in a calm and stable manner.

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