We travel all the way from Ilfracombe to Exmouth to put Dippy our dog with Mike when we go on holiday.It was obvious from our very first visit some seven years ago that there was something very special and unusual about the way in which dippy was looked after. Dippy knows where he is going as soon as we set out and is beside himself with excitement. It is so reassuring to know that your dog is loved where he goes. Cannot thank Lin and Mike enough for helping to make our holidays worry free. – Tim

We have an older Collie who has needed two knee operations over the last three years and would not feel able to go on holiday unless we had found mike. He is so careful with our dog lifting him in and out of his car when going for walks and giving us updates on his condition whilst we are away. A brilliant service. – John

I am a theatre nurse working 12 to 14 hour shifts and sometimes need two or three walks a day for my collie Princess. I don’t think mike has ever refused a request from me. It is so helpful to know that he will do evening walks and weekend walks as well as the normal monday to friday. It’s even better when you know your dog likes him so much. – Karen

I never thought I would be able to trust anyone enough to take my 16 year old jack russell rosie out for walks but after having been hospitalised for a long period of time there was no choice. I am so pleased that I found mike.So much so that even though I am now recovered I have kept up the weekly walks as Rosie sits at the door looking for him and goes mad when he arrives. I am convinced it helps to keep her alive. – Thelma

I run my own childcare business and have two dogs which mike walks every day for me. One has to go back to a different location for the day as he isn’t completely happy in my working environment. Mike makes nothing of this and is always pleased to help if I have any special requests. Really does make the working day a lot easier – Tania

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