Doggy Day Care Service

A truly home from home experience, your dog will love it! They will join us on one of our group walks and then back to the comfort of our home for a well deserved rest. There are no restrictions or shutting away in garages or outbuildings, they are free to choose whether to rest, sunbathe or play.

Our meet and greet policy ensures that your dogs first encounter with our regulars at Devon Doggies happens on neutral ground, ideally on a walk. Then its indoors to see where your canine companion is treated like one of the family. We never overcrowd preferring to give your pet a safe secure healthy environment enjoying all the love and attention they receive from you.

We can collect and return your dog to your home, this is often preferable to prevent rushing to make delivery and collection yourself. All these times are variable and agreed between ourselves.

Essentially come and see us so we can show you how we would introduce your dog to our home, in order to maintain as natural an experience for them as possible.


Day Care
Single dog
Second dog from same home
Pick up/drop off (each way)
Within a 3 mile radius of our address
Outside a 3 miles radius of our address

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